• Vasectomy is performed to render a man permanently sterile.
  • The procedure does not affect a man’s general health, sexual performance or sexual enjoyment in any physical way.
  • After the procedure, sterility will only be confirmed by a semen analysis showing zero sperm. This test should be done when you have ejaculated at least 20 times after the operation.
  • You must use other forms of contraception until you have had a semen test confirming zero sperm.
  • Very rarely, cases of spontaneous rejoining of the divided ends of the vas have been reported in the medical literature. This has never happened to any of Dr Patel’s patients.
  • Pain or discomfort in one or both testes may be experienced for a short time after the operation and some men may experience long-term or permanent discomfort or pain (less than 1% chance).
  • Bruising or swelling may be experienced in the scrotum after the operation. This is very uncommon and usually settles down by itself.
  • Rarely, the blood supply to the testicle may be damaged during the procedure. This has never happened to any of Dr Patel’s patients.
  • The procedure is performed as day surgery. General anaesthesia is recommended as it enables a more precise and careful operation.
  • Afterwards, the scrotum should be supported by firm underwear or a scrotal support, to minimize pain, for 1 week. You should only need simple pain relief such as Panadol or Nurofen.
  • Strenuous activity and straining should be avoided for 1 week after surgery, but other activities can be resumed as soon as you are comfortable. You can resume sexual intercourse as soon as you are comfortable but you will need to use other forms of contraception until you have been advised by Dr Patel that your post-operative semen test is satisfactory.
  • After your operation, Dr Patel will provide you with a pathology request form to have your semen test done when you are ready. You will need to contact his office to advise that you have completed the test and Dr Patel will contact you to advise you of the result.
  • If you have any concerns, or questions, relating to the procedure, please contact Dr Patel’s office prior to your surgery.
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