COVID-19 continues to be the main public health concern facing Australia at present, and continues to seriously impact the way we live. It is also clear that this disease is not going to disappear in the foreseeable future and that our greatest chance of bringing it under control and reducing serious illness and death, is by having as many people vaccinated as possible. This advice is endorsed by the NSW Health Department.

Despite the false claims, misinformation and scaremongering that are widespread on social media and in the community, ALL available Covid vaccines are extremely safe, well tested and highly effective. In addition, every adult in Sydney now has free and ready access to Covid vaccination.

In response to the COVID pandemic, this practice has instituted a number of ongoing measures to maximise the safety of all of our patients as well as staff and doctors working in the practise .

For a face-to-face consultation with Dr. Patel, it is a strict requirement that you must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. This requirement also applies to anyone who accompanies you, including family, friends, carers or interpreters.

The only exception to the above vaccination requirement is for individuals who have a genuine documented medical exemption to COVID vaccination. You will be required to provide official evidence of any relevant medical exemption prior to your appointment with Dr Patel.

A recent COVID infection will NOT be considered an acceptable reason for medical exemption at this practice. As previously stated, the above measures have been instituted at this practice to help prevent spread of COVID-19 and to maximise the safety of all involved. Your understanding and cooperation is very much appreciated.